Spring is in the air

and we have worked a lot to create new projects for you. So May will be a busy month. We are happy to take part in the month of performance art in Berlin. Metafluxlab will step into the Noosphere and will do a Flusserian Philosophical Flux in Cooperation with the SAVVY Contemporary. Furthermore we want to thank Cornelia Sollfrank who organized some shows in Scottland for us. In the Stills Gallery Edinburgh Scotland's Centre for Photography we will give an inside in Flussers thinking and present Rodrigo's newest Translation Post-History by doing a Flusserian Philosophical Flux on the topic "Our Dwelling". At the Duncan Jordan College of Arts and Design in Dundee we will do a whole day workshop focusing on methodologies for practise based research and the question of Art and Design in the Age of Apparatus.

Sorry for the delay ...

Our Session Anti is now online. We are preparing new events while we wait for Paul's return from China. Next month we have been invited to take part in the Month of Perfomance Art Berlin. We will to develop the Noosphere Reflections Part I at the SAVVY contemporary and do a little trip to Scottland. We will keep you informed ...

Thank you all ...

... for joining our last KITTLER_FLUSSER_mediation. It was a pleasure to talk and discuss with you the work of two great and inspiring thinkers. We were happy to have focused our discussion and questioning onto the question of today's utopian visions and their conditions and possibilities. During the next month we will work on our website and the documentation of our projects as well as on the creation of new projects. Next month Paul will be in China focusing on his own research, while Claudia and Rodrigo will go on tour with a new FPF Programm called "Freedom in a programmed world". We will also look at the possiibility of doing some venues also in Berlin.

For the winter term we want to come back with a new programm. If you have any wishes or ideas that you would like to discuss and explore with us, then please get in touch. 

Crisis online

We are happy to present to you the recordings from our second KITTLER_FLUSSER_mediations session on Crisis from december 4th. We read and discussed Kittler's essay "Code (Or How to Write Something Diffently) and the second lecture "Crisis in Alphabetic Culture" by Vilém Flusser from the lecture series "Into Immaterial Culture". In our discussion we focused on the concept of codes, the shift in codification of information and their relevance for thinking today.

Follow our discussion online or download as you like and enjoy!   


Thank you for participating in our 3rd session. For our last KITTLER_FLUSSER_mediations session on the 5th of february we will read the last part of Flusser‘s lecture series on immaterial culture, it will be translated and available here soon. We will continue to read from Kittler's text so please sign up at aaaaarg.org  The german version of the text you will also find there soon. During the last session of KITTLER_FLUSSER_mediations we would like to bring together all of the ideas and questions from the last sessions in rder to try to imagine the actual conditions of immaterial culture.  


For spring and summer we are setting up new Flusserian Philosophical Flux sessions regarding the newly translated and published book of post-history focusing on the question of "Freedom in a programmed world". In april we will do a tour through Italy and in may we will be in Dundee and Edingburgh. More information soon.

MetafluxLab flows

We would like to start first by thanking all the people who have supported and encouraged us to create the MetafluxLab. So here it is! MetafluxLab is online and there are new projects. The Flusserian Philosophical Flux (FPF) is still going strong, so if you are thinking of an event at your venue, feel free to invite us and we will focus on a special topic to suit you.

Next week we will be in Braunschweig by invitation from Klangstaetten | Stadtklaenge Braunschweig – an international Festival for Soundart and the Braunschweig University of Art where the focus of the FPF meeting will be on music and sound.

In winter we will have the start of a new project _KITTLER_FLUSSER : MEDIATIONS which  is being developed in collaboration with Paul Feigelfeld from the Humboldt University. Together with Paul, who was one of Friedrich Kittler's last assistants, we will explore together with the public, over four monthly meetings/workshops, the work of Friedrich Kittler and Vilém Flusser.

A special thank you is also due to Annie Goh and Cornelia Sollfrank for giving us the initial spark, as well as, to Mirco Blitz and Silvan Horbert for programming and designing the website in order to bring the MetafluxLab as a visible entity to the world.