Rodrigo Maltez Novaes and Claudia Becker met in the summer of 2010 at the Vilém Flusser Archive in Berlin. Inspired by the philosophy of Vilém Flusser they had come independently from each other to Berlin, in order to deepen their research on and about Vilém Flusser at the archive in the UdK. At Rodrigo’s first exhibition opening in Berlin they decided to start a long-term collaboration with the aim of demonstrating to the world the importance and potential of Flusser’s thought and work. In November 2010 they initiated the Flusserian Philosophiscal Fridays in which they brought together international researchers and artists to come into contact with the Flusser’s work in an environment of research and debate. It was during these meetings, at the Universität der Künste, that they developed the method which has become known as the Flusserian Dialogue - a non-disciplinary form of playful philosophical thinking, with which they took the participants on a philosophical journey. These meetings transformed very quickly into philosophical a type of happenings that took place at different institutions around Europe, among them, the Transmediale Festival 11 and 12, the Sandburg Institute of the Rijksfeld Academie Amsterdam, the ABA Salon (Artist in Residency  Program of the Embassy of the Netherlands) and the Public School Berlin. The MetafluxLab was finally created in the beginning of 2012 as a natural progression of the work that Rodrigo and Claudia had been developing over the last two years, with the aim of consolidating their projects under one umbrella. And on 19.04.2012 the MetafluxLab was officially launched at their first  Flusserian Philosophical Flux session in collaboration with the Freies Museum Berlin.


In 2011 Claudia and Rodrigo gave an inspiring Summer School workshop at the Public School Berlin in collaboration with Paul Feigelfeld, one of Friedrich Kittler's last assistants. Following the success of this project and Claudia's lecture on "The materiality of the immaterial" in the Parley Parlais series at the Humboldt University in summer 2012, the idea of bringing the intellectual estates of Flusser and Kittler together came about. Paul invited MetafluxLab to create a new series of workshops with him for the winter term 2012 to combine the spirits of Friedrich Kittler's famed Oberseminars and that of the Flusserian Philosophical Flux. _KITTLER_FLUSSER_MEDIATIONS is the new outcome of MetafluxLab and Paul Feigelfeld became a part of the MetafluxLab. Claudia, Paul and Rodrigo will explore the changes of the architecture of knowledge through digital technologies and will focus on the question of creating the ideal digital archive in their project MEDIA/ THEORY/ ARCHIVES.