Claudia Becker has a German Diplom Certificate in Cultural Studies and aesthetics from the University of Hildesheim. After a research period at the Institute for visual Media of the ZKM Center for Arts and Media Karlsruhe she moved to Berlin, where she is now a Doctoral candidate at the Berlin University of the Arts. In her research she is focusing on the epistemiological power of technical images and their impact of nowadays thinking and perception of reality. Together with Rodrigo Maltez Novaes she created the Metafluxlab, which focuses on the de-automation of thinking and the developement of alternative methods of knowledge production and transfer in an experimental way. Furthermore she is the scientific supervisor of the Vilém Flusser Archive at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Co-editor of the International Flusser Lectures.


Paul Feigelfeld studied cultural studies and computer science at Humboldt University in Berlin. Between 2004 and 2011, he worked for the German media theorist Friedrich Kittler (1943-2011) and is currently part of the team of editors of his complete works as well as head of a think tank which aims to create a digital archive of Kittler’s texts and program source code. Since 2010, he is a teacher and researcher at Humboldt’s Institute for Media Theories with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ernst. His main research areas are the history and philosophy of mathematics between China and the West, media art and architecture. He is an editor at 032c magazine as well as a writer for several magazines such as PIN-UP and frieze, and edits and translates for exhibition catalogues. Artistic projects include lecture performances with Olaf Nicolai, artistic research in collaboration with Spector Books, and a planned exhibition on “Sound, Vision, and Time” at the Humboldt University in 2013.


Rodrigo Maltez Novaes, is a Brazilian/British visual artist. Having completed two years of study at the European Graduate School (EGS) in Saas-Fee, where he earned the certificate of Ph.D. (abd), he is now a doctoral candidate at the Vilém Flusser Archive at the Universität der Künste, Berlin. Affiliated to the Brazilian National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPQ) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Cultural Semiotics and Media (CISC) in São Paulo, Rodrigo is the translator and editor of the first English edition of Vampyroteuthis infernalis, by Vilém Flusser, published by Atropos Press, New York, 2011. With a BA from the University of Gloucestershire and an MA from the University of the Arts London, his main areas of activity are painting, philosophy, media and communication. Currently he lives and works in Berlin where he now leads the long-term project for the translation and publication of Vilém Flusser’s work from Brazilian-Portuguese into English in partnership with Univocal Publishing, Minneapolis, US.